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Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and the new omicron outbreaks in the state of California, we are on half capacity in our warehouses, which leads to longer turnaround times than usually. This may be up to 14 to 16 business days or more!

By placing an order you accept these shipping times.

If you are a customer outside of the USA you have to pay additional customs fees and taxes for your order, about 30$-65$ per device  you ordered (only estimate, it may be more), your UPS Driver will charge you, or you may get a bill from UPS to pay the customs, fees and taxes in advance.

If you don’t accept the delivery and don’t pay the fees, the product price won’t be refunded from us when UPS returns it to our warehouse. By ordering the product you accept these conditions and terms.

Depending on location and availability, we may use another service provider or shipment carrier.

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